Flame Retardant Compounds & Masterbatches

Vapour phase corrosion inhibitor systems & Additives that add fire prevention properties to: Plastics Woven Textiles Injection & Roto Moulded Products
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Flame Retardants

Xyris Technology has developed flame retardant masterbatches and compounds for deep underground mining applications. These include systems for woven textiles as well as injection moulded and rotomoulded products. Our products comply with the NCB 245 flame retardancy and NES 713 smoke toxicity requirements set by the Chamber of Mines. Most are based on flame retardants from Israel Chemical Industries,etc. One of our achievements is the commercial use of heavy-metal free synergists for bromine in a number of applications.


Xyris has developed it own vapour phase corrosion inhibitor system (VCI) for mild steel (Xyro-Sorb VCI 39) and also produces other VCI masterbatches under licence to the CSIR. Vaportec distributes these products in South Africa. These products have been marketed in Europe in 2002. The next generation of VCI formulations based on food additives are being researched at the Institute of Applied Materials.

Produced under licence to the CSIR (Pretoria, South Africa)
Complying with the requirements set by the Chamber of Mines
PAIA Compliant, view our PAIA Manual here
Xyris Technology was founded and registered on the 8th of August 1990.

Walter Focke is co-owner and Research Director. He also holds the positions of Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and of Director: Institute of Applied Materials (IAM), at the University of Pretoria.

We are unique in South Africa for our own in-house formulation development that is focused on specific customer requirements.
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